We make apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Our belief is that if we make "just good apps" people will enjoy them and come back for more.

Just released, our newest App: "Ready, Set, Draw!".
A wildly, fun game where teams try to "Guess Your Sketch", like the popular game Pictionary®.
A beautiful, easy to pick up and play Universal App for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.
(Universal Apps contain versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and the HD version for iPad, all in one package. One App, All iDevices!)
Play with up to 4 teams using the built-in dictionary of words to draw in 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard.
Settings include: difficulty level, drawing time, number of rounds and team color, name and image.
And on the iPad, choose interface elements of wood or notepaper.
Get it now and take your party to the next level of fun!

"Bump 'N Roll" is now a Universal App.
Get both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad HD versions for one low price!
"Bump 'N Roll": part bumper pool, part pinball, all fun! Get the game and get rolling.
Featuring simple, addictive gameplay, classic rock 'n roll music, smooth graphics, level builder and customizable graphics.
This is one game to keep you busy during those wait times, downtimes, ride times or anytime.
Now with beautiful HD graphics on the iPad!

New iPad-specific versions: "Spirals HD" and "Story Tiles HD"! Redesigned versions of our popular iPhone Apps: Spirals and Story Tiles.
Now with higher resolution graphics and new features.
Get them on the iTunes App Store now!

Also, check out our latest iPhone utility apps called "Simply Groceries" and "Simply Groceries Connected".
They are full-featured grocery list apps with over 250 preloaded items and are very easy to use.
They both feature the ability to add, delete and modify items and categories.
The Connected version also contains the ability to email your grocery list to recipients from your Contacts address book and backup and restore your items database to our web server.
You may download PDF copies of the user guides from the Products page.
Both Simply Groceries and Simply Groceries Connected have been updated to version 1.1 which contain bug fixes and interface improvements. Get the update today.

Our other offerings also include:
Wow! At iMakeApps, we are always working so you don't have to!

The LITE version of Smack A Toon is available for FREE on the iTunes App Store.
Over 200,000 downloads and still going strong!
Country Codes is also a FREE utility app which allows you to look up ISO country codes. A huge benefit for people the world over. And did we mention, it's FREE.

See our product page for more info on each product.

Latest news: iMakeApps has been helping some of our clients bring their offerings to the iPhone and iPad platforms. Don't worry, we are still working hard on our App development.
We currently have 3 new apps in development, with more updates for existing apps on the way.
Look for iMakeApps new apps weekly.

Check out the product page and if you want to contact us,
use the link at the bottom of each page or the Support page.

This site is always being updated so check back soon.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.

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Sunday, July, 14 2024